Thursday, 17 November 2011

DUT 3rd Year + BTech Exhibition 2011

 This last Tuesday was the DUT final year exhibition...
and I'm proud to say, these guys went all out! 
 Check out some of the work! 

Mike Van Heerden

Warren Green

Jonathan Kyle Rich

Angelique Jansen Van Rensburg

Matri Van Den Heever

As usual, a pretty big crowd pulled in!


  1. The standard was so high. My absolute favourite exhibition of 2011. Great photos!

  2. Woah! The quality of work this year was incredible! What concerns me is that these amazing artists and designers are going to now go out and work for a bland, uncreative advertising/design/DTP agency and get paid peanuts. This saddens me :(

  3. All the greatest creatives end up freelancing at some point though. I will always recommend going into industry to gain as much knowledge as possible (even the business end of things). If you end up with a bland day-job, all it will do is motivate you to be extra creative out of office hours :)
    Best of luck guys!